VLAG UNusual Symposium - 30th Anniversary

Course schedule

Dates Start time End time Location Coordinator registrations
12 June 2024 13:00 17:30 Aurora (building 127) VLAG Algemeen Registration ended at 12/06/2024

Course description

In 2024 the VLAG community will celebrate the 30th anniversary of VLAG Graduate School, with an symposium with an UNusual approach... We invite you to join us for an UNusual symposium designed to challenge perceptions, spark creativity, and ignite innovation.

Location; Wageningen Campus, Aurora, Room C9119 

Every birthday starts with cake (of course!) and afterwards we will continue with a varied programme. To give a peak into the different contributions:

  • Corjan Van Den Berg (former BPE researcher) shares about the move to start, together with Edgar Suarez Garcia (former PhD BPE), the company Revyve, toget as a spin-off from their research
  • PhD candidate Sophie van de Vlugt (BPE, VIR, PHI, ORC) gives us a view on some unusual collaborations in her project, and Sylvia Brugman (HMI and involved with the Centre for Unusual Collaborations) will invite us to think about some unusual collaborations for ourselves.
  • Thomas Kodger (PCC) paints a picture of his research
  • Tatiana Porto dos Santos and Meinou Corstens (both FPE) expose us to what sparks the interest for our domain in kids and teenagers
  • Iago Teles (BPE) tells us the story “Help, I became a research manager”
  • Guido Sala (FPH) shares his enthusiasm that brought him to complete a second PhD study on the gastronomic history of Rome.