VLAG Webinar `How to present online?`

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Webinar: How to present online?


Friday, 29th January, from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM


Online via WebinarGeek


only when you also participate in the hands-on workshop


free of charge

How to present your research or project with impact to an audience that can only see you through the webcam?

Among others, the following topics will be discussed:

  • What makes presenting online different?
  • Which software should you use?
  • Can you use the same slides for online presentations?
  • How do you keep the attention of your audience?
  • How do you make it interactive?
  • What do you say in your first minute?
  • Do you have to be visible too when you use slides?
  • Should you sit or stand?
  • How do you make eye contact?

The workshop will be provided by Hans Van de Water, trainer at The Floor is Yours. Together with his colleague Toon Verlinden he has trained thousands of researchers in presenting their research. In 2020 they also wrote the book 'How to present online?'.

Please note: Before the webinar you are expected to watch their online video course 'How to pitch your research so that everyone listens'.

All necessary information will be shared in the e-mail confirming your registration.

In collaboration with ‘The Floor is Yours’ VLAG will also organise a series of hands-on workshops Friday, 5th February (09h00 - 11h30 or 13h00-14h30 or 15h00 -16h30). Participation is limited to 6 persons per session. 

Fee: 50 euro

Credits: participation in webinar and hands-on workshop 0.3 credits

Registration: click here

Participation in the plenary Webinar: How to present online? is a requirement to sign up for the workshop.
During the one-and-a-half hours workshops you will work on your presentation in small groups of six people. You will get feedback from the group and the trainer.