Summer School: Novel developments in food allergy

Course schedule

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Course description

Hypersensitivity reactions to food components can affect susceptible individuals and such reactions are increasing. Specific protein sources  in food products can cause IgE-mediated allergic reactions and cell-mediated reactions (celiac disease) by consumers. Do you want to understand, control and diminish the allergenicity of food products? In this intensive two days Summer School you gather in-depth understanding on the basics and causes of allergic reactions and the influence of food processing and you will be able to translate novel insights to your daily practice. 

Course aim:

At the end of this Summer School you are able to:

  • Describe the mechanism of action of major food allergens and other constituents causing adverse reactions and distinguish between allergic and intolerance reactions.
  • Assess the risks of using food raw materials containing potential allergens.
  • Assess the dietary consequences of avoiding specific allergen containing food ingredients.
  • Describe how such components can be avoided or eliminated and design a basic process to eliminate such components.
  • Describe which assays can be used for identification of allergens, how they work and their strong and weak points.
  • Apply knowledge of regulations with regard to such components, food labelling and consumer information.